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Coyote J

Coyote J

About Coyote J

Coyote J, whose early roots connected to the Birmingham Airwaves in the 1970’s to become an iconic voice known throughout the nation is coming back to the air, this time on a new show at WJLX 101.5 FM, Coyote J’s Sunday Night Cemetery of Rock.

The programming, set to debut on Oct. 22, will feature music from the 70s, 80s and 90s and centers around the frequently unknown songs from the era; those which didn’t hit the Top 40 or only did so for a short time. Through this concept, Coyote J hopes to open the door to an unknown or hidden cache of songs that could appeal across generations.

“So many of the songs that were recorded in the 70’s and 80’s were grainy and almost inaudible. Now technology has advanced so much, these songs have been remastered and the sound quality is even better than if you would have heard it live,” Coyote J said. “Through this new remastering technology, we’re essentially introducing a new song from the greats of the era that hadn’t been a smash hit, but could be now when heard over the show.”

Among Coyote J’s most successful stints was during the 1990’s on the Birmingham alternative station, The X, as well as on his syndicated show, The Edge. During his time on The X, Coyote J worked with WJLX owner/general manager Brett Elmore – a great working relationship that was recently revisited when a call from Elmore led to Coyote J’s return to the air.

“I’ve been retired since 2011 and with what I’ve accomplished, there was little need to push my career further. But a call from Brett with the suggestion of the show’s concept and it struck a chord,” Coyote J said. “These classics have a chance to gain so much popularity when we’re able to re-introduce them in the remastered format.”