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Winter storm exits the Northeast leaving behind bitter cold


(NEW YORK) — The monster winter storm that dumped more than 1 foot of snow as well as ice from Missouri to the Northeast and freezing temperatures to Texas is making its exit.

As the storm exists the Northeast, it eaves behind harsh dry and bitter cold conditions Saturday, ranging from the northern Plains to New England, and into coastal Texas.

Texas will see the worst of the cold , with wind chill advisories and hard freeze warnings across the state.

California, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota also have wind chill alerts in place.

Wind chills in Minneapolis are at a low of 25 degrees below zero on Saturday morning.

Wind chills are as low as 9 degrees in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 7 degrees in New York and 22 degrees in Houston.

The Arctic blast will last into Sunday morning with wind chills from Houston to Augusta, Maine, remaining below 31 degrees.

Southern and coastal Texas will experience wind chills of 15 to 20 degrees, making for the coldest air mass in Texas this year.

Less severe weather and rain are expected on Saturday.

In central Montana, active Santa Ana winds at a 70 mph on Saturday may create some localized travel concerns along the Rocky Mountain front.

There are high wind warnings in north to central Montana, inducing the Great Falls, with gusts reaching near 75 mph — at hurricane-level strength.

The Santa Ana winds are also gusting to up to 60 mph in Los Angeles County and 55 mph in Ventura County, California.

In Florida, seasonal warmth will stay south of Gainesville.

Johnsburg, New York got the largest amount of snow over Thursday and Friday, with 17.8 inches.

Friday into Saturday, 17 inches of snow fell on the slopes in Killington, Vermont.

Temperatures in the Northeast will swing to seasonal and warmer on Tuesday, while the mid-Atlantic states will warm up Sunday.

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