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Couple in their 90s reunited after being separated for a year due to COVID-19


(ST LOUIS, Mo.) — Together again, at last.

Virginia, 95, and Jack Byrne, 94, were able to celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary in person after spending more than a year apart.

According to their daughter, Rosemary Byrne, since her father lives in a memory care facility and her mother lives on her own, the two have not been able to see each other due to COVID-19 restrictions.

On March 19, the couple reunited at McKnight Place Assisted Living and Memory Care in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rosemary Byrne wrote “World News Tonight” to deliver the good news.

“As my Mom was waiting to see my Dad, she said, ‘Each minute feels like an hour. I’m as nervous as a schoolgirl,’” Rosemary Byrne wrote.

On Thursday, Virginia Byrne told “World News Tonight” about the long awaited hug she had with her husband.

“The lights went on again in my life, because I was able to be so close to my husband for the first time in more than a year,” Virginia Byrne said. “I looked into his eyes, and his eyes sparkled as they always did when we were close together.”

“It was a wonderful moment. I could hardly let go,” she added.

Virginia Byrne said the couple is back together again and that she hopes that others will also have heartwarming reunions soon.

“I’m hopeful that now many people will be able to share this kind of moment as vaccinations conquer this robber of togetherness,” she said.

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