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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

Coldest Christmas in decades possible for parts of US: What to expect Christmas Eve


(NEW YORK) — It’s time to bundle up: this could be the coldest Christmas in decades for parts of the country.

Here’s the latest forecast:

The bitter cold is first hitting Denver, where temperatures will fall from 47 degrees on Wednesday to minus 16 degrees by Thursday morning.

The cold blast will reach the Rio Grande River on Thursday and Friday, bringing the coldest temperatures to the region since the late 1980s. On Friday morning the wind chill — what temperature it feels like — will drop to minus 7 degrees in Dallas and 1 degree in Houston.

Up north, the wind chill Friday morning will be a brutal minus 39 degrees in Minneapolis and minus 37 degrees in Chicago.

The cold air moves east into Christmas weekend.

On Christmas Eve, the wind chill will plunge to a bone-chilling minus 10 degrees in New York, minus 33 degrees in Minneapolis, minus 24 degrees in Chicago and minus 5 degrees in Kansas City.

Even the South will see a below-freezing Christmas. The wind chill is forecast to reach minus 1 degree in Nashville, 4 degrees in Atlanta, 20 degrees in New Orleans and 21 degrees in Dallas.

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