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Kiwanis Club to host 66th annual Radio Day



The Kiwanis Club will host the 66th annual Radio Day on Wednesday, a tradition brings both enthusiasm and benefits to the community.

Seth Edgil of the Kiwanis Club said Radio Day is one of the group’s most anticipated events of the year, enjoyed greatly by its members for its ability to reach so many people.

“Radio Day is our largest fundraiser of the year, it’s vital to our club to have it for all the local charities we support,” Edgil said. “Every dollar we raise goes back into Walker County into the form of a local charity or our projects such as the Bring Upgrades program at the local schools, Track and Field Days for exceptional education students, as well as many others. It doesn’t go into our club or administrative expenses, it goes solely to charities. Our members look forward to it as it’s our biggest fundraiser and we work really hard to get ads from our sponsors, and in turn, it’s not very hard for our sponsors to donate as they understand how we use the money to benefit our county and specifically the youth of our county.”