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‘The Bachelor’ recap: Zach picks the four women whose families he’ll meet


Emotions ran high on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, as each rose came with the chance for Zach to visit that lady’s hometown and meet her family.

A week in charming Budapest, Hungary began with Kaity and Zach exploring the city and writing love poems to each other. Over dinner, she revealed that what she wanted out of a relationship was “family,” “stability” and a man who would “be there” for her, explaining that she’d lost two dads in her life — her birth father, who left when she was very young and a man who dated her mother and became a father figure to Kaity, before leaving as well. Zach took the first step by offering her the date rose and the chance to introduce him to her family in Austin.

Next, a group date featuring a mentalist triggered emotions and anxieties that caused some of the ladies — Gabbi included — to question their connections with Zach. Gabbi’s fears were alleviated when Zach offered her the date rose, and a chance to meet her family in Vermont.

Brooklyn‘s one-on-one date ended in heartbreak after telling Zach that she could definitely see a future with him. Despite feeling a “strong” connection with Brooklyn, however, Zach said he also felt something hadn’t “clicked,” and sent her home.

Greer, who was sidelined by COVID-19 last week, rejoined Zach and the others in Budapest, only to learn that some of his other connections had already “gotten really strong,” and there was no way for her to catch up before hometowns.

The final two hometown dates, revealed during Monday’s rose ceremony, went to Ariel and Charity, leaving Kat to return home to Tampa.

Here are the four remaining women whose families Zach will meet:

Ariel, 28, a marketing executive from New York City, N.Y.
Charity, 26, a child and family therapist from Columbus, Ga.
Gabriella “Gabi,” 25, an account executive from Pittsford, Vt.
Kaitlyn “Kaity,” 27, an ER nurse from Austin, Texas.

The Bachelor returns on Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, when Zack will meet the families. Then on Tuesday — also at 8 p.m. — your favorite ladies from season 27 return for The Bachelor: The Women Tell All.

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