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The Bachelor finale: Joey Graziadeis journey for love ends with a proposal


Joey Graziadei‘s journey to find love on The Bachelor ended with a proposal to Kelsey Anderson, a junior project manager from New Orleans, Louisiana, during the season 28 finale of The Bachelor.

The episode also saw the 28-year-old tennis pro saying goodbye to Daisy Kent, an account executive from Becker, Minnesota.

Season 28 kicked off in January with Graziadei meeting 32 women searching for a connection.

Graziadei and Anderson connected during their one-on-one date in Spain over their love for travel as well as over the importance of family.

During their date, Anderson opened up to Graziadei about the impact that her mom, who died from breast cancer, has had on her life. With the possibility of an engagement at the end of her journey on the show, Anderson told Graziadei at the time that being on The Bachelor was “hard sometimes to think about my mom not being there at my wedding.”

But Anderson told Graziadei that leading up to The Bachelor, her mom had sent her “signs” in the form of butterflies, which she said was her mom’s way of “reassuring” her to embark on this journey to find love. Anderson added that her dad also said that finding love this way was something her mom would do.

Graziadei was touched by Anderson’s story and their love continued to blossom thereafter.

Graziadei, who was the runner-up on Charity Lawson‘s season of The Bachelorette, said he felt like his story “wasn’t finished” and was “excited” to find his person as the Bachelor.

“These last couple years have been really big for me and I’ve been working on myself and I think that’s most important in being able to find your person, is to be ready yourself, and I feel good,” he said.

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