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‘Teen Wolf’ star Arden Cho discusses being a victim of hate crime


Arden Cho, who played Kira Yukimura for three seasons on the MTV series Teen Wolf, is speaking up again about her experience as a victim of Asian hate.

The Korean-American actress tells E! Online that watching the videos of attacks against Asians reminds her of the pain she experienced for decades.

“I remember feeling like that was my childhood. That happened to me so many times and what’s crazy is people don’t believe it when you say nobody helps, nobody stops,” she explains.

Cho took to Instagram in April to share the details of an incident in which she was verbally attacked while walking her dog.

“I shouldn’t be scared but I am,” she wrote.  “All my trauma as a kid has been coming back as I’m watching my elders getting beaten and killed. I’ve been kicked in the face till I was unconscious and hospitalized, I was only a kid.”

“I didn’t realize how much that incident shaped my life. How much fear I’ve always lived with,” she added.

The 35-year-old actress tells E! that change “has to come from all the communities.”

Citing films like Minari and Chloe Zhao‘s Nomadland earning multiple Oscars, Cho says, “it’s really exciting to see more Asian-American writers and storytellers really putting great projects and hopefully being our voices, because for so long we had non-Asian people writing our stories.”

“I think in the same way the Black community really thrived in entertainment was when Black creators just started saying, ‘Let’s make our own movies,"” Cho continues.  “I feel like 10 years ago we didn’t have that, and I think this is a start.”





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