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Star-Lord, not bee king: Chris Pratt’s painful lesson in internet insect control


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Chris Pratt should stick to herding velociraptors. The Jurassic World series star took to Instagram to document an ill-fated attempt to emulate Erika Thompson, a Texas-based beekeeper who has more than 966,000 followers on the social media platform.

A shades-wearing Pratt explained to his fans, “So I’ve been following this bee lady on the Instagram, and she’s so cool and brave, and gets in front of these hives of bees and says, ‘They’re very calm today. I’m gonna remove the bee, I’m gonna use my bare hands to sift through the bees and look for the queen."”

The Marvel movie star continued, “So it’s built up this false sense of security in me, to whereas I said, ‘I think I can control bees, too."”

Pratt recalled, “I saw a beehive two days ago and I went towards it, and a man standing next to me says, ‘Hey careful, there’s bees,’ and I said, ‘These bees look very calm,’ and I just stared at these bees, and then one of them comes out and stings me in the eyeball.”

The actor then removed his shades to reveal a very swollen left eye, adding, “So, anyways, f*ck that bee lady.”

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