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Show creator and lifelong Marvel fan Malcolm Spellman shares his first day at work on ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’


“I’ll never feel that good again.”

That’s how show creator, head writer, and lifelong Marvel fan Malcolm Spellman summed up his first day at work on Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

With the finale of the hit Disney+ show debuting today, ABC Audio wanted Spellman to hit rewind.

“The most powerful moment was my first day of work,” he declares, as he describes how wide-eyed he was.

“When you walk into the second floor to the Marvel building [in Burbank], there’s a life-size mitt of Thanos’ glove. There are three real suits of different manifestations of Iron Man armor. You walk down a hallway that has the real mask of Ant-Man and Thor’s hammer, and all this other stuff.”

He continues, “You make a left: Now all the walls are painted with the Marvel characters and there are shelves of comics you can take.”

Spellman enthuses, “Right before you get to your [show’s writers’] room, there’s Captain America shield in glass. You open up the door to walk into your writers’ room and they’ve adorned the walls with concept art.”

Moved, he adds, “If you are a fan of the space, it’s such a powerful feeling, man, It really is.”

Each room is a hub of activity, Spellman buzzed. “Jac [Schaeffer] who did WandaVision. [Black Panther 2 director] Ryan Coogler, everybody who’s working on these projects shares that floor.”

Shaking his head, Spellman admits, “So it’s just — I mean, I really can’t put into words, but, man, I’ll never feel that good again.”  

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