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Sharon Osbourne grilled on ‘The Talk’ for supporting Piers Morgan following his Meghan Markle comments


(LOS ANGELES) — On Wednesday’s installment of her chat show The Talk, a defiant Sharon Osbourne again defended her friend Piers Morgan, who slammed Meghan Markle after the Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Osbourne was also forced to stand up for herself, even to her own co-hosts.

Osbourne had tweeted to Morgan after he famously stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, “…I stand by you. People forget that you’re paid for your opinion and that you’re just speaking your truth.”  She was subsequently flamed online for the opinion, as well as on The Talk set in a tense exchange.

“Did I like everything he said? Did I agree with what he said? No, because it’s his opinion,” Osbourne stated.  “It’s not my opinion. But why is it that because I supported a long-time friend and work colleague of mine for years that everybody goes, if you support him, then you must be racist because he’s racist?”

Osbourne, tears in her eyes, responded, “I feel like I’m about to be put in an electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is a racist, so that makes me a racist.”

The tense exchange continued after the show cut to a commercial. An exasperated Osbourne said to co-host Sheryl Underwood, “Educate me! Tell me what he said that was racist!”

Underwood replied that Morgan’s negative comments about Markle had “the implication” of being racist.

Osbourne said, “Why can’t it be he just doesn’t like her? Why does it have to be racist?”

However, Sharon allowed that, as a Briton, she was “ashamed” at the “deplorable racism” behind the Royal Family’s denying Meghan and Prince Harry’s son Archie a royal title.

By Stephen Iervolino
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