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‘Schitt’s Creek’ alum Eugene Levy ventures out of his comfort zone for Apple TV+’s ‘The Reluctant Traveler’


Eugene Levy doesn’t like to travel — at all. So of course his new show on Apple TV+, The Reluctant Traveler, premiering Friday, has him traveling all around the world, having once in a lifetime experiences.

So what is it that makes Levy, 76, such a homebody? He tells ABC Audio, “When you’re away and you’re traveling and you’re away from home and your body is going kind of through things, you either sleep or you don’t sleep or you’re not getting sleep.”

“And then, you know, every day you’re kind of working on 45 percent capacity level,” he continues. “And just getting through an airport is enough to make you want to just kind of go home these days.”

Despite his aversion to traveling, Levy says the safari experience was great.

“I never really wanted to go on safari. I mean, it’s a long trip to see animals that you’ve already seen. And I didn’t quite get the fact that seeing them in the wild, in their natural habitat was going to make it any more exciting,” he shares. “But I did find once I was there, it only took a few days before I started kind of developing an affinity for the country, for the landscape and the wildness that was in it, in a way that I never thought I would.”

Ultimately though, all the great things he got to do while filming, like going on safari and visiting Venice, didn’t turn Levy opinion around on travel.

“I think my headspace is still the same headspace,” he explains. “I will say what it’s done for me, which is a very positive thing, is that I’m now trying things I probably wouldn’t have tried before, so I can now form an opinion.”

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