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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

RuPaul talks new memoir ‘The House of Hidden Meanings’


RuPaul is opening up like never before in new memoir, The House of Hidden Meanings, detailing his life journey from growing up in a tense household to his rocky and yet rewarding road to fame.

Speaking to Good Morning America in a sit-down interview with Robin Roberts that aired on Monday, the star and creator of 29-time Emmy-winning show RuPaul’s Drag Race reflected on how TV has played such a vital role in his life since childhood.

“Everything I learned was from television,” he said. “Television is a community…it’s a tribal community of laughter, and of shared experiences. And so, there’s something about that flicker of the television set that we can all share.”

From a young age, RuPaul, 63, had aspired to be famous, but he said he’d never imagined the level of stardom he’s now achieved.

When it comes to his decision to share his trials and tribulations in his new tell-all, he said, “I think it’s an important story for young people to hear today.”

“And to understand what the possibilities are here in America,” he elaborated. “And I was able to forge a path for myself. And I wanted to let young people know that there is a way to navigate these difficult, difficult waters.”

RuPaul also told GMA he hopes his memoir will serve as a guidance for readers on “how to find your own truth.”

“Learn how to know what it is you came here to do. What can you bring to the party? And if life is a party, then you’d better bring something, otherwise, you won’t be invited back,” he added with a laugh.

The House of Hidden Meanings will be available for purchase starting March 5.

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