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‘NewsRadio’ star Dave Foley’s tweet to Ryan Reynolds leads to filming an ad in six hours


Six hours. Not a lot of time by any stretch, but that’s how long it took for NewsRadio and Kids in the Hall vet Dave Foley to go from wishing he was in an ad for Ryan Reynolds‘ Mint Mobile, to starring in one

On February 2, Foley tweeted at Reynolds, asking as politely as anyone from Canada would, “Dear @VancityReynolds if I switch to @Mintmobile can I be in one of your ads. I really enjoy them.”

Within an hour, his fellow Canadian Reynolds replied “Offer accepted.”

Within just five more hours, Reynolds posted of his production company, “New Maximum Effort land speed record,” with a photo of Dave in front of a camera shooting the spot.

Foley admits in the ad, “It happened pretty fast, there wasn’t time to write anything…I really didn’t think it would go this far, I was just randomly tweeting at celebrities.”

The Foley ad led fellow Kids in the Hall alumni Scott Thompson to shoot his shot, tweeting about the commercials, “I’ve never seen them but I’d like to be in one as well.”

Incidentally, the ad was apparently shot at the same poolside where LeVar Burton‘s ad for Reynolds’ other company, Aviation American Gin, was shot last year. That spot happened a day after the Reading Rainbow star exchanged tweets with Reynolds — Maximum Effort’s previous “land speed record.”

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