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New poll finds nearly half the country would vote for Dwayne Johnson if he ran for president


President Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?  A new poll found that if the Jumanji star decided to jump into the next presidential election, he’d have a decent chance of taking over the White House.

According to a poll from Piplsay, which surveyed over 30,000 people, a good chunk of Americans — 46 percent to be exact — are hoping Johnson runs for president.

The former WWE star wasn’t the only celebrity included in the poll, as Piplsay also focused on another celebrity that has expressed interest in kickstarting a political career.

Matthew McConaughey, who has flirted with the idea of throwing his hat into Texas’ upcoming gubernatorial race, also has strong support among the American people.

Approximately 41 percent of respondents say they would support the Dallas Buyers Club star’s bid for governor.

Another celebrity Americans would like to see run for president was Angelina Jolie, with 30 percent of respondents expressing interest in seeing her run for political office.

In fourth was Oprah Winfrey with 27 percent support while Tom Hanks rounded out the top five at 22 percent.

The poll also found that Will Smith was the most popular candidate among Millennials and Gen Zers, and he ranked sixth overall with 21 percent of the vote. 

The poll also asked participants about their feelings about Hollywood stars running for public office, with 45 percent of the overall consensus agreeing that celebrities “are free to do what they want.”

When asked if movie stars and singers are cut out for politics, Americans again expressed optimism with 39 percent saying “if they have the political aptitude,” they will make a good public servant.

However, a large majority of respondents recognized the sway celebrities have over the population, with 81 percent of poll takers agreeing that the Hollywood elite are capable of influencing public opinion.

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