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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

Misa Hylton dishes on her history with hip hop fashion and working with Mary J. Blige


Misa Hylton bridged the gap between fashion and hip hop in the ’90s, styling R&B artists in hip hop streetwear. The fashion designer tells ABC Audio her initial gig came at just 17 years old. 

“While I was still actually in high school in my senior year, I had the opportunity to work with Sean Combs with Jodeci. [Combs] had just went from intern to A&R and he was in charge of putting their album together,” says Hylton. “My first start was [creating] this special moment that would change music and fashion for the next generation to come.”

“I was my first canvas,” she recalls noting daily changes to her wardrobe and hair. “Then I would go on to all my friends and family. And then I had the natural gift, the skill set. So when it was time to step into the role of assistant fashion stylist for Jodeci, it was just meant to be.”

Hylton’s efforts led to her next styling gig for the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige

“We’re a great team and I understand how she understands. We were both from Westchester County. I’m from Mount Vernon, New York. She’s from Yonkers, New York,” she shares. “And anyone from Westchester knows we have our own, like, swagger and style. We both love hip hop music. We both love fur, boots and everything that comes from black fashion and hip hop culture. So it was a natural fit.”

“I just bring [Mary’s] ideas to life and add my style aesthetic to it. We both just love everything about both of our creativity,” Hylton continues of their friendship. “Her music inspires me to just who she is. I mean, she’s the illest, she’s the best.” 

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