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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

Millie Bobby Brown explains her “love” of monster movies and how they’ve been cathartic in the pandemic


(NEW YORK) — Millie Bobby Brown entered into extremely familiar territory with her latest sci-fi film, Godzilla vs Kong.

Brown tells ABC Audio that starring in Netflix’s Stranger Things and in 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters has allowed her to become sort of a pro when it comes to the monster movie world.

“I’m kind of very used to it at this point,” she says. “I started off in this industry at eight. I was doing a few things here and there. But then I shaved my hair off and I was immediately looking at a tennis ball, pretending it was a monster in Stranger Things. So I’ve been very much exposed to that kind of CGI, special effects kind of thing, and love it.”

While Brown explains that she did step out of her sci-fi genre for her Netflix mystery film Enola Holmes, which she also produced, the actress says coming back to the Godzilla franchise was refreshing and even a bit cathartic. 

“What I like about sci-fi and specifically that CGI element of our tech, and our movies, and TV, is that it really takes you into a different world,” explains Brown, who returns as a teenage Madison Russell. “And especially during this time during the pandemic, it’s been so stressful and scary.”

“So watching something that can take you into a different world — there’s a calming effect to that,” Brown continues. “Things like animations… I love things like that. It helps me just kind of immerse into a different world and feel like I’m not kind of having to deal with my own problems for a second.”

Godzilla vs Kong, also starring Brian Tyree Henry, hits theaters and HBO Max on March 31.

By Candice Williams
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