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Kandi Burruss recalls the shock of losing one of her twin embryos


As Kandi Burruss prepares for the second birthday of her daughter Blaze next month, she’s looking back at the trauma of Blaze’s birth via a surrogate.

Blaze was one of twin embryos, and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star remembers the emotional moment when she found out one of the twins didn’t make it after the embryo transfer to their surrogate.

“We were super happy, obviously, that she was pregnant. Then, you know, they did the scan and we were super, super excited ’cause both embryos took initially,” Burruss said this week on People’s Me Becoming Mom podcast. “Then, a few weeks later one of them, I don’t know what they call it, but it went away. So we lost one of them.”

After the joy of the pregnancy, it was a painful time for Burruss.

“I was super sad because, once again, we’re thinking that we might have twins, and then they tell us, ‘Yes, both of them are there.’ Then we’re all happy, excited,” the 45-year-old entertainer explains. “The numbers were going up, and then they stopped going up. Then you’re sitting there praying, hoping that something is going to change. And it didn’t change.”

The Xscape member and her husband, Todd Tucker, also have a son, Ace Wells, 5, plus Kandi has a daughter, Riley, 17, from a previous relationship.

Blaze is her first child via a surrogate, and she says the process has not affected her ability to have a special relationship with her.

“I guess [the] initial thinking is, like, just because somebody doesn’t physically have their baby that they won’t be able to have that same bond as a mother who physically pushed the baby out,” she says. “If you ever had a doubt in your mind — that is not true.”

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