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‘John Wick’ series producer says he’d “be shocked” if Keanu Reeves doesn’t suit up for another movie


The events of John Wick: Chapter 4 led audiences to believe that Keanu Reeves‘ titular hitman was literally dead and buried, but if the movies have taught us anything, Baba Yaga is pretty hard to kill.

Producers Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee helped turn the unknown property to a four-film franchise. The pair also backed Peacock’s upcoming spinoff prequel series, The Continental.

“I’d be shocked if we didn’t see Keanu as John sometime in the future,” Iwanyk explained, adding, “I just don’t know what it would look like.”

Lee expressed a return “has to be right,” and Iwanyk agreed. “I think that we all would love to bring the band back together because we all truly love each other. We’ve been on this journey and it’s been crazy,” Iwaynk expressed.

He added the caveat, “But we also know that we have an incredible amount of goodwill from the audience. And so if the audience starts thinking that we’re just cashing paychecks on John Wicks, we don’t want them to turn on us.”

Iwanyk explained, “If we can figure out what it looks like and what the story is, then there will be another one. Right now, we don’t know what that is, but that could change the next hour or can never change.”

He continued, “At the end of every movie, Keanu just giving 180%. He’s so beat up. It’s like, ‘I can never do this again.’ Then he gets some rest. And then the critics like the movie. It’s commercially successful. We go on a press junket, we’re reminded why we all like [each other] personally, and you kind of go, ‘God, we got to do this again sometime, right?"” 

The Continental, starring Colin Woodell, Mel Gibson and Ayomide Adegun, debuts Friday, September 22, on Peacock.

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