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Jennifer Garner shares what a typical “Yes Day” looks like for her


(LOS ANGELES) — What does Jennifer Garner do on Yes Day with her kids? She stars in the new Netflix film Yes Day, out today, which is all about saying yes to almost everything your kids want to do for 24 hours. In the movie, the kids go crazy, but Garner tells ABC Audio that in real life it’s actually pretty tame.

“My kids wanted to, while the car was parked, sit in the front seat and play with the knobs and put their head out of the sunroof,” she shares. “It was little things like that.”

Garner adds that her children — Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, whom she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck — wanted to “go to the gas station and buy junk food and lottery tickets, just be in control.”

“Of course, we always had ice cream for breakfast. We stay up late at night. I put a couple of fun things in the middle of the day and boom, it’s not as scary as this movie can make it seem,” the 48-year-old actress says. 

However, even during a real life “yes day,” Garner admits that there are some things that she’s had to say no to.  

“Every year my kids would just give it a good run at ‘Can we got a puppy?’ But that is not the deal,” she reveals. “You can’t get something that’s going to last more than that day. So that’s a good, NO.” 

Yes Day is available for streaming now on Netflix. 

By Danielle Long and Jason Nathanson
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