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Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg talk new Apple TV+ film ‘Luck’


The new movie Luck is all about, well, Luck!

The Apple TV+ film hits the streamer Friday, and Jane Fonda stars as a dragon who is one of the creatures who controls all the luck in the world. While the premise seems simple enough, Fonda tells ABC Audio the film has a strong message. 

“Good luck makes no sense without bad luck. The two, in a way, go together symbiotically, they’re the opposite sides of the same coin,” she explains.  “Don’t reject bad luck. You can learn from it. It can turn into good luck if you’re willing to learn the lessons from it.”

Fonda adds, “You know, there’s a there’s an expression that I love – God doesn’t come into us through our successes and our awards…God comes into us through our wounds.”

So can you actually control your own luck?

“I think that if during your lifetime you are intentional about the way you live that you are creating your own luck,” the Academy Award winner shares, adding that wisdom doesn’t come from experiences alone, but from reflecting on those experiences.

Whoopi Goldberg also lends her voice to the film as a character who works at the place in the universe where all the luck is made and distributed. She believes luck isn’t permanently good or bad, it ebbs and flows.

“I think we sometimes just assume things are going to continue on the way that they are. You know, whether it’s bad or good. And you find yourself going, is the moon in retrograde? Is this ever going to get better? And then suddenly you wake up and you think, wait a minute, this is a pretty good day. Hey, this is all right. You know, and you live in that for a while.”

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