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Internet snarks at Oscar Isaac’s ‘Moon Knight’ accent


Last night, fans of Oscar Isaac got a taste of his portrayal of the Marvel Comics superhero Moon Knight in a trailer for the forthcoming Disney+ series.

And while his character Steven Grant suffers from what used to be known as split personality disorder, some on the Internet snarked at one of those personalities — specifically Isaac’s British accent as Grant.

“Oscar Isaac’s accent in the #MoonKnight trailer is literally like ‘ello guvna wot are ya dewin?!” one Twitter user jabbed. Another offered, “Oscar Isaac’s Dick Van Dyke-esque British accent is singlehandedly going to make this immensely watchable, isn’t it?”

That said, Oscar had his defenders, too. “Nah I love it lmao,” said one, offering a possible explanation: “It totally works with how one of his identities, Steven Grant, thinks a British accent sounds.”

“I think, if anything, it’s almost too good,” said another Twitter user. “It’s a legit sounding accent – it just sounds like it couldn’t come out of Oscar Isaac.”

Hear it for yourself when Moon Knight, which also stars another Oscar nominee, Ethan Hawke, playing a cult leader, debuts March 30.

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