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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

Hillary Duff warns ‘How I Met Your Father’ is not just a reboot of the original


We know how he met their mother, now it’s time to go on the journey of how she met their father.

The highly anticipated new Hulu sitcom How I Met Your Father debuts today, but star and producer Hilary Duff warns How I Met Your Mother fans that while there’s lots of good stuff for fans of the original, it’s not a reboot.

Duff, who admits she didn’t watch HIMYM the first time around, tells ABC Audio, “We see what some of the fans that are so diehard about the original, say. And we’re like, cool, cool, like, maybe we’re not going to be your cup.”

Elizabeth Berger created How I Met Your Father with Isaac Aptaker and says she’s excited for people to see to see it, but also a little nervous.

“Obviously when something has a built in, loyal fan base and so many people that are very invested on how you take it on and what you do with it, of course there is a pressure [but] we were also extremely excited,” she says. “It’s a show that we were fans of…Isaac and I went to college in New York City and we’re roommates and we identify with these stories really strongly.”

That said, Berger also thinks HIMYM, and other network sitcoms of the like, need to get with the times.

“I think the way groups of friends look have changed over the years, that it was very important to us to sort of have that kind of representation and have different points of views on the show, bring people together that don’t all have the same experience,” she says, explaining that, “it makes for more interesting life and it makes for more interesting television.”

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