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Don’t expect “The Carlton”: ‘Bel-Air’ reboot promises a lot more drama than ‘Fresh Prince’


Peacock has released the first trailer for its Will Smith-produced reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and the show, titled simply Bel-Air, looks quite different from the sitcom that spawned it. In fact, it goes to some pretty dark places. 

According to the streaming platform, “…inspired by Morgan Cooper’s viral trailer that reimagined the iconic, culture-defining ‘90s sitcom, Bel-Air takes a fresh and raw approach to this world of swagger, style, and aspiration, while exploring Will’s complex journey through a current lens.”

The new series features newcomer Jabari Banks as Will. South Philadelphia, born and raised, as the original theme song describes, Will is moved by his mom to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in the ritzy Los Angeles Bel-Air neighborhood to keep him safe from the Philly streets.

But unlike the original’s opening, this Will has more to contend with than just a couple of guys up to no good making trouble in his neighborhood. Instead, Will gets busted on a gun charge after carrying the weapon to keep him safe following a basketball court fight. 

Banks’ Will has his eyes opened by his wealthy relatives’ life, but there seems to be more beneath the surface. “I hope one day we can talk about why you’re really here,” Olly Sholotan says as his cousin, Carlton.

The series also stars Adrian Holmes as Uncle Phil, Cassandra Freeman as Will’s Aunt Vivian, and Coco Jones and Akira Akbar, respectively, as Will’s cousins Hilary and Ashley.

Bel Air debuts Super Bowl Sunday, February 13 on Peacock.

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