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David Alan Grier says he hopes “Black female creators” lead the way for Black sitcoms: “Those are the voices we need”


David Alan Grier has high hopes for the future of Black sitcoms, especially if they’re led by Black female creatives.

Grier — who has a notable track record in the comedy space, including his current role on Jamie Foxx‘s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! — tells ABC Audio that he’d love to see more sitcoms led by “Black female voices.”

“Who are being given more and more opportunities and just running with it,” he explains. “Issa Rae, Robin Thede, just to name a few… Young Black female creators — Lena Waithe — [who’ve] always had their voice, but using this time and these opportunities to really run with it.”

“Those are the voices we need and I want to hear from,” Grier continues. “I’ve been enjoying all their work so much — I’m their biggest fan.”

While Grier can easily share his admiration and support of these important storytellers, he’s not so good at being a spectator on the sidelines when it comes to this art.

“Most of them… I try to hit them up on social media like, ‘Girl, work with me… Give me one of them old granddaddy roles,"” he reveals, laughing. “You know, I’m a big fan and I feel real hopeful.”

“I think we have a great future in front of us,” Grier adds.

Until that opportunity comes around, fans can catch the comedian-actor on Netflix’s new series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! which is now available to stream.

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