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Clive Davis says Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford had a “one-year affair”


The new biopic Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody is in theaters Friday, and in addition to detailing Whitney’s journey to global music superstardom, it also delves into her much-discussed relationship with her assistant Robyn Crawford — a relationship that Crawford has described as romantic. Now, Whitney’s mentor has confirmed that it was — at least briefly.

Speaking to Extra, record mogul Clive Davis, who discovered and mentored Whitney and is a producer on the film, says she and Robyn “did have a teenage, one-year affair.” 

Davis explained that he wanted to put their relationship in the movie because “there have been so many articles that have … attempted to trace her addiction to being a frustrated lesbian or never dated a man before Bobby [Brown], all of which was totally inaccurate.”

Asked what Whitney would think of the film, Clive maintains, “She and I were pretty in sync on almost every issue. I’m proud, and I believe Whitney would be proud, too.”

Meanwhile, super-producer David Foster, who produced The Bodyguard soundtrack, including “I Will Always Love You,” believes Clive’s presence ensures the film will be accurate.

“I mean, if anybody can tell that story right, it’ll be Clive Davis, because he was right in the mix from the very, very beginning,” Foster tells ABC Audio. “And he’s been a tremendous friend to me for, well, for all those years, since he found Whitney. And he’s just a remarkable guy.”

“The amount of people that he discovered, it makes me want to burn my Grammys … and then just quit,” Foster, who has 16 Grammys, jokes. “It’s staggering what he’s contributed to the music.” 

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