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Aya Cash and William Jackson Harper hope they “break up so many couples” with new film, ‘We Broke Up’


The new film We Broke Up is an anti-romantic comedy of sorts. It follows longtime couple Lori and Doug, who break up just days before Lori’s sister’s wedding and decide to pretend they’re still a couple until the wedding weekend is over.

Stars Aya Cash and William Jackson Harper both have hopes the film can serve as a cleanse for bad relationships.

“I hope we break up so many couples with this movie,” Cash jokes to ABC Audio. “I feel like if we can end at least 400 relationships, we have done our part.”

Harper adds, “It’s like, I’m not so interested in people having a good time as much as I’m interested in people being really affected and what’s more effective than destroying relationships all across the country and hopefully across the globe.”

All jokes aside, the film presents a realistic portrayal of a long term relationship that has simply run its course — something both Harper and Cash were drawn to.

“That feels really familiar in breakups that I’ve witnessed and breakups that I’ve been in where it’s just, you know, something is no longer working in the relationship. Doesn’t mean that the love is gone,” Harper says. “It doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have that person in your life. …But things are moving in different directions. And there’s something about that that feels really grown up.”

We Broke Up is in select theaters and on demand now.

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