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Anna Camp leaves encouraging note for those struggling with their mental health because of COVID-19


(LOS ANGELES) — Pitch Perfect star Anna Camp told fans she needs a little extra courage to help her through the week before writing them an inspiring note.

In an emotionally raw Instagram post on Thursday, the 38-year-old actress expressed that she had a lot to get off her chest.

“I rarely make a personal post such as this, but I need to speak out and in a way reach out to anyone willing to listen,” the True Blood alum confessed, noting how the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected her mental and physical health.

A fraction of the recent tragedies plaguing Camp’s life are “having experienced personal pain and loss, both physically and emotionally to the point of shock that my body could even handle it, having Covid and all the lingering effects, losing a family member.”

The actress furthered that she also found herself drifting apart and disconnecting from friends who were once close to her and that she recently was abused and had to rely on “every once of courage I had to survive and save myself.”

“Today I’m giving this medal to myself. And to anyone who feels the way I do,” she wrote. “I’m tired of not feeling good enough.”

Added Camp, “Never let anyone throw your trauma in your face and use it against you. Hold onto your courage. And keep moving forward. I am worthy. And so are you.” 

“This post is for anyone who is tired of smiling and nodding while silently screaming on the inside,” the Desperados star closed out.  “If I could give each of you a medal, I would.”

Shortly after penning her encouraging message, Camp returned to Instagram to announce her “best friend” Rocky, her beloved dog of 12 years, passed away.

By Megan Stone
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