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What does Metallica’s #BlackAlbum2021 post mean?


Metallica fans are in a frenzy after the metal legends posted a hashtag related to their iconic 1991 self-titled release, aka The Black Album.

On their Instagram, Metallica shared a video from a 2012 live performance of the Black Album closer “The Struggle Within.” The caption includes a quote from the song — “Boredom sets into the boring mind” — as well as the hashtag #BlackAlbum2021.

It’s that list bit that’s got everyone worked up. Since The Black Album turns 30 this year, fans are speculating that Metallica might be planning an anniversary tour.

Also of note, the video in the Instagram post comes from a show in Nickelsdorf, Austria, during which ‘Tallica performed all of The Black Album in reverse order.

Nothing’s been officially announced yet, though, so stay tuned.





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