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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

Rod Stewart says he’s glad it’s “difficult” to get his eight kids together for Christmas


Think you’ve got it tough, trying to wrangle all your kids together for Christmas? Consider Rod Stewart, who has eight children by five different women. While he says he managed to get most of them together years ago, it’s just become way too complicated now that they’re adults.

“We did it once, I think about 20 years ago,” Rod tells ABC Audio. “There was my first wife, Alana, and then my second wife, Rachel, and my to-be third wife, Penny, and the mother of Ruby, my third daughter. So they were all there, cooking the turkey in their own particular way.”

But Rod says these days, spending Christmas together is pretty impossible.

“We’re in all different parts of the world now, you know,” he explains. “The kids all go home to their mums’ for Christmas Day. But hopefully we’re all going to get together in Florida for New Year’s Day and my birthday, which is the 10th of January.”

However, Rod admits that he doesn’t mind that gathering his brood is a logistical nightmare.

“I’m glad it’s difficult because they’ve all got their own careers you have to consider,” he notes. “It’s not like they’re little and they depend on me. They’ve got their own careers, their own relationships and I have to be, y’know, a different father to every one of them, such is the age group: It goes from 10 up to 57.”

Rod’s eldest child, Sarah, was given up for adoption when she was born, but the two now have a relationship. Alana Hamilton is the mother of Sean and Kimberly Stewart. Kelly Emberg is the mother of Ruby Stewart. Rachel Hunter is the mother of Liam and Renee Stewart, while Penny Lancaster is the mother of Aiden, 10, and Alastair, 16.

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