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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

Ringo Starr recalls the time he and Charlie Watts helped John Bonham jam on Starr’s drum kit


Ringo Starr took part in a Zoom press event this week to promote his forthcoming EP, Change the World. During the virtual Q&A, the former Beatles drummer shared a humorous memory involving The Rolling StonesCharlie Watts and another famous late drummer, Led Zeppelin‘s John Bonham.

Ringo said he’d hang out with Watts from time to time, particularly when they used to live near each other in London, and he recalled an incident at a party he threw at his place during the 1970s that Charlie and Bonzo attended.

“I had a drum kit up in the attic…And Charlie came and so did John Bonham. And so, we’ve got three drummers just hanging out,” Starr remembered. “And Bonham got on the kit, but because it [wasn’t nailed down],…as he was playing and the bass drum was hopping away from him, you had Charlie Watts and Ringo holding the bass drum for him as he played.”

Reflecting on the comical scene, Ringo added, “[T]hat would have been a great little video or TikTok, or a photo would’ve gone worldwide, you know what I mean? But in the ’70s, I had parties and you’ll never find any photos, because I wouldn’t let you take photos…you know, in my house.”

Starr said of Watts, who died last month at age 80, “Charlie was a great guy. He was a lot of fun, and he had a harder band than I did to keep together…[W]e will miss Charlie. He was a beautiful human being.”

As previously reported, Change the World is a four-track EP that will be released this Friday, September 24, and will be available on CD, cassette and digital formats.

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