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New short film, Original Sin, featuring the music and songs of INXS, premiering this month via Veeps


The music and songs of INXS soundtrack a new short film titled Original Sin — The 7 Sins, which will premiere on July 16 via the Veeps streaming platform.

The movie follows a brokenhearted, isolated young woman named Jane, portrayed by actress/dancer Autumn Miller, as she journeys through the seven deadly sins on a quest to find healing, hope and love.

The film’s soundtrack includes a variety of artists’ versions of INXS tunes, as well as tracks featuring the band collaborating with British rapper/producer Tricky and French singer/songwriter Loane, plus the late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence‘s rendition of the 1970 Eric Burdon and War hit “Spill the Wine.”

Original Sin was championed by late INXS manager Chris “CM” Murphy and was the last project he was working on at the time of his death from lymphoma this past January.

According to a press release, “Original Sin reflects the world’s current state of affairs and the universal quest for reconnection and romance. The short film is harmoniously intertwined with the symbolically poetic music of…INXS.

“We are honored that our music inspired such a beautiful and innovative short film,” says INXS multi-instrumentalist Kirk Pengilly. “INXS has always explored the marriage of our music with visuals, and we welcome the reimagined versions of our songs performed by a roster of contemporary and up-and-coming global artists.”

Tickets for the July 16 screening are available now at A standard ticket costs $7, while $49 will give the purchaser access to a VIP bundle that includes a virtual Q&A session, a digital download of the film’s soundtrack, and an embroidered cap.

The Original Sin — The 7 Sins soundtrack also will be released digitally and via streaming services on July 16.

Here’s the album’s full track list:

“Drum Opera” — performed by Jon Farriss of INXS
“Let It Ride” — performed by INXS
“Kill the Pain” — performed by Ida Redig
“Never Tear Us Apart” — performed by Global Network & Sophia Amato
“Mediate” — performed by Tricky & INXS
“Suicide Blonde” — performed by George Alice
“Mystify” — performed by Loane & INXS
“What You Need” — performed by Wyatt Stromer & Eric Stromer
“Spill the Wine” — performed by Michael Hutchence
“Taste It” — performed by Ida Redig
“Don’t Change ” — performed by Vimala & Aden Jaron
“Need You Tonight” — performed by Trevor Jackson & Wyatt Stromer
“New Sensation” — performed by Alterboy

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