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Nancy Wilson says she’s excited about upcoming Heart biopic, although it’s “on hold” because of the pandemic


This past November, Heart‘s Ann Wilson revealed during a satellite-radio interview that a biopic about her famous group was in the works, and now Ann’s sister and band mate Nancy has shared some more details about the film with ABC Audio.

Ann reported in her interview that the movie was being written and will be directed by actress/musician Carrie Brownstein, co-star of the IFC comedy series Portlandia and member of acclaimed indie-rock group Sleater-Kinney. Nancy says of Brownstein, “[S]he’s so good. Her writing is really perfect for our story.”

Nancy also tells ABC Audio that the film will “be based mainly” on the 2012 memoir Kicking & Dreaming, which she and Ann co-wrote.

As for the status of the project, Nancy notes that it’s “on hold” because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Nothing can really happen right now, because we can’t cast it or get a crew together,” she explains. “And the third act is still not finished even. So, you know, we’re whittling away.”

Nancy, who’s worked on several film scores over the years, also tells ABC Audio that she “would insist on scoring the [Heart] movie.”

Regarding who might be cast to star in the biopic, Nancy says, “It would be really cool to discover somebody. And…the obvious prerequisite would be somebody that could play guitar pretty well and actually sing somewhat well. And in the case of someone doing Ann…that’d have to be a really good singer, ’cause you can’t just rely on…lip-syncing all the time.”

She adds that she feels the Queen film Bohemian Rhapsody is an example of a well-executed rock biopic.

“I thought [it] was just so beautifully done,” Nancy says. “And the guy that played Freddie Mercury [Rami Malek] was…insanely good.”

By Matt Friedlander
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