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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

Mick Fleetwood says he’s open to a future Fleetwood Mac farewell tour that would include Lindsey Buckingham


Mick Fleetwood says he’s looking forward a post-COVID time when Fleetwood Mac will be able to tour again, while admitting that he’s been envisioning an eventual farewell trek for his famous band.

“I think the vision for me…is that we actually say ‘this is goodbye’ and go out and actually do that,” he tells Rolling Stone. “That has always been my vision and I’m a flatly confident that we can do that. We owe it to the fans.”

Fleetwood’s remarks come in the wake of a BBC radio interview with band mate Christine McVie in which she suggested that bassist John McVie and singer Stevie Nicks may be done touring with Fleetwood Mac, although Christine dialed back her comments in a subsequent conversation with Rolling Stone.

“I think she got out of bed on the wrong side that day,” Mick says with a laugh. “She meant to say, ‘We’ve done so much. I don’t know whether or not we can keep going’…I can assure you we are alive and well.”

Meanwhile, Fleetwood tells Rolling Stone that he’s happy that he reconnected with Lindsey Buckingham after the death last July of the group’s original frontman, Peter Green.

Buckingham was fired from the band in 2018 over conflicts with Nicks, but Fleetwood admits that he’d like to see Lindsey take part in a farewell tour.

“Would I love to think that [reunion] could happen? Yeah.” Mick admits. “I’d love to think that all of us could be healed.”

Fleetwood notes that Stevie and Lindsey, of course, would have to reach a truce before a reunion could take place.

Whether or not Buckingham returns to Fleetwood Mac, Mick declares, “I know for a fact that I intend to make music and play again with Lindsey. I would love that.”

By Matt Friedlander
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