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Jon Bon Jovi won’t use his music to promote his rosé


Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse have made a success of their rosé brand Hampton Water without using Jon’s music to promote the wine, something they don’t ever plan on doing.

During a Q&A with Daily Mail Australia, Jon was asked why they didn’t go with a name like “’bed of rosé,” a nod to his song “Bed of Roses,” and he had a strong opinion about it.

“[We thought] if we were going to do this, we were going to make sure we did it right,” Jon explained. “There’s no family name on the label, there’s nothing to do with any song titles on the label because we needed to respect the profession, if we were going to do this we had to take it seriously.” 

He added, “We worked very hard every day to garner the respect of the industry and to learn and that’s all we’re doing. So the last thing we are going to do is be a celebrity brand. It’s a family business.”

As for how they come up with the name, Jesse shares that one night when he was hanging out with his dad, he offered him “one last glass of ‘pink juice’,” to which Jesse responded, “no one calls it ‘pink juice’ anymore, you’re out in the Hamptons, it’s Hampton Water.” His dad instantly loved the name, with Jesse noting, “Right then and there Hampton Water was born and we’ve been working hard at it ever since.”

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