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Heart’s Ann Wilson releasing new solo single, “The Hammer,” this week; watch video for her song “Tender Heart”


Heart frontwoman Ann Wilson will release a new solo single this Thursday, February 25, called “The Hammer.”

The tune is among several tracks that Wilson recorded last year in Seattle during sessions that also yielded her most recent single, the soulful “Tender Heart.”

Earlier this month, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer debuted a music video for “Tender Heart” on her official YouTube channel that features champion U.S. figure skater Gracie Gold delivering an expressive skating performance along to the song. The clip also includes emotive closeup footage of Ann’s face and some recent photos of Wilson performing.

Gold was the U.S. women’s champion in 2014 and 2016, and she also won a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics as a member of the U.S. women’s team.

Wilson wrote “Tender Heart” with musical help from two current Heart members — keyboardist Dan Walker and bassist Andy Stoller.

Regarding the classic soul vibe of the tune, Ann tells ABC Audio, “I wanted to keep it as retro sounding as possible and simple and just feel-good, you know? And I think it worked, ’cause whenever I hear it, I just kind of go, ‘Oh, yeah’…I just sort of fall into it sort of emotionally, and that’s what I wanted.”

Meanwhile, Wilson reports that she’s planning to continue to release a series of singles “one by one” before she puts out a full-length solo album.

“[M]aybe once they’re all released, I’ll have enough to just put together in a compilation,” she explains. “But I don’t want to just ram 10 or 12 songs down people’s throats all at once. I want them to be able to hear each one…that’s just more interesting to me, and be able to give each one individual attention.”

new song out 2.25.21

— Ann Wilson (@AnnWilson) February 20, 2021

By Matt Friedlander
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