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For KISS’ Paul Stanley, time is too precious to not love what you’re doing


In addition to fronting KISS, Paul Stanley has had a successful career as an artist for over 20 years. While he has made millions on his pieces, that’s not necessarily what he considers a success.

“If I love what I do. If it validates, and even surprises me,” he tells INC of how he measures success. “When I’ve done a piece and think, ‘If I saw this somewhere else, I would like it."” He adds, “The key, and the basis to everything, is to love what you’re doing. If I don’t love what I’m doing, it’s not worth doing. It’s a waste of time, and time is precious.”

He also encourages others to not be intimidated by making art themselves. “I tend to tell people to enjoy themselves,” he says. “Create. Paint. Don’t be limited by other people’s definition of ‘good.’ When you live by other people’s definitions, you’ll sell yourself short.”

And those skills can certainly apply to more than just art. “If you’re drawn to doing something, do it. Don’t worry about what other people think,” he shares. “I’ve always found that if I do something I like, lots of other people will like it too, because people aren’t that different.”

He adds, “Whether it’s music, or theater, or painting … I’m not catering. I’ve only ever catered to myself. Please yourself, and other people will enjoy it too — and that’s the bonus.”

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