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The Greatest Hits of All-Time
The Greatest Hits of All-Time

Elton John says he’ll “probably throw a party” the last time he sings *this* hit


Elton John is set to resume his Farewell tour in Europe this fall, with North American dates following in January of 2022.  But Elton says when the tour is finally completed, he’s looking forward to never again having to sing one of his biggest hits.

Appearing on the podcast Deeney Talks, hosted by British soccer star Troy Deeney, Elton John was asked to name the song he feels he’s most identified with, and will never be able to get away from, no matter what else he does in his life.

“I suppose it would be ‘Your Song,’ and I don’t mind not being able to get away from that song, because it’s a really nice song and I never get fed up with singing it,” Elton replied.

However, he then laughed, “I would think ‘Crocodile Rock’…the last time I have to sing that, I will probably throw a party!”

“Crocodile Rock,” released in 1972, was Elton’s very first number-one hit in the U.S. and has been a staple of his live shows ever since, even though he’s never been very fond of it.

“People love to hear it,” he told Deeney. “It was written as a kind of joke… and it became a big hit and people love to sing along with it. So who am I to say I’m not going to play it? Because I play to amuse people and entertain people.”

Elton added, with a laugh, “But I have to say, when the last show is done at the end of the tour, I will never, ever sing that song again! O.K.?”

Elton also said he’d most like to collaborate with The Weeknd, and his personal “Mount Rushmore” of music consists of Nina Simone, Elvis Presley, Joni Mitchell and Ray Charles.

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