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Did Stevie nix “Dreams” from viral skateboarder’s money-making scheme?


In 2020, thanks to the viral TikTok video by Idaho skateboarder Nathan Apodaca, Fleetwood Mac‘s 1977 smash hit “Dreams” returned to the chart, along with its parent album, Rumours.  But now, rumor has it, the song’s writer, Stevie Nicks, isn’t down with Apodaca’s latest idea for monetizing the video.

TMZ reports that Apodaca wants to sell his 23-second TikTok video — which shows him cruising on his skateboard and slugging Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice while lip-syncing to “Dreams” — as an NFT, or non-fungible token.  That’s a new kind of digital collectible for which people are, evidently, willing to pay crazy amounts of money.

However, TMZ reports, Apodaca’s team reached out to see if they could get the rights to use “Dreams” as part of the NFT, and offered Stevie 50% of the profits, but she said no.

While TMZ claims that Nathan feels slighted, it’s worth noting that Stevie really liked the original video, and even made her own TikTok, in which she laced up a pair of roller skates while the song played in the background.  And there may be all sorts of legal and licensing reasons for Stevie’s refusal.

TMZ reports that Nathan is going to sell the NFT anyway, without the music.  It’ll go up for bid on March 27 with the opening price set at $500,000 — that’s in cryptocurrency, by the way, not actual dollars.

By Andrea Dresdale
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