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Bono shares how his parents shaped his career


While out promoting his new memoir, Surrender: 40 Songs One Story, Bono has been talking a lot about his dad and says it’s actually changed his feelings about his father.

“I always loved my father,” the U2 frontman shared on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky. “But now, I’m starting to like him even more because his put-downs were funny and he was a funny man, and there was mischief in him.”

He adds, “I had a very, not that unusual relationship with my father. I think a lot of males have difficulty sometimes with their father. I try to be a good father to my kids, but it’s harder if you don’t have that relationship yourself, so I’m working on it.”

Bono’s mom passed away when he was just 14. Since his father didn’t talk about her much after she died, he says he and his brother didn’t have “many memories of our mother.” But, thanks to the book, he says he has “found her again.”

“I have some beautiful memories that I discovered. She was wonderful, and I’ve made peace with all that,” he says. “Through that ache, I filled that hole with music, so I wouldn’t be in U2 and I wouldn’t have the life I have without all the stuff that got me here, so I’m very grateful going into Christmas for everything, from both my father and my mother.”

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